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MSD COVID-19 Rules and Policies

  • No changeroom use, no soliciting, no “hanging around” after rentals or in lobby whatsoever.
  •  No Spectators, friends, significant others, etc. in the facility. ONLY players are permitted. Anyone “just watching” will be asked to leave.
  • Multi-tiered bleachers are out of use. Single benches are in use for PLAYERS only and are sanitized after ever rental.
  • No player may enter the facility 10 mins prior to the start of their rental. The entrance doors will remain LOCKED until the 10-minute window. 1.5 hour rentals will run for 80 mins, then a 10 minute “exit period” all players MUST be out of facility within 10 mins for our subsequent cleaning session.
  • Players MUST enter through entrance door (west side of facility) and exit through the exit doors (east side of facility)
  • Absolutely NO FOOD or disposable items. NO food, no plastic water bottles no garbage. NOTHING left behind.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SPITTING in facility. This will result in potential BANISHMENT from the facility and a considerable fine from the York Regional police.
  • Refrain from hand shaking or any unnecessary contact.
  • Do not interact with other rentals groups whatsoever. Always, maintain a considerate distance of at least 2m.
  • Facemasks must be worn inside the office facility (washrooms and lobby) at all times by staff and renters
  • Facemasks are optional but encouraged during game play, under the York Regional list of indoor exemptions, Exemption Two, section e; “Anyone wearing a face covering that would inhibit their ability to breathe in any such ways, but not limited to, during moderate to intense physical activity (such as running) ..”
  • There is a maximum of 12 players permitted per quarter field, meaning MAX people in the dome is 48 players, and 1-2 staff.

Failure to follow such rules will lead to forfeiture of rental time, with no refund and potential banishment from facility.


The Markham Sports Dome is a 70,000 square foot facility indoor turf facility with many unique features:

  • Heating and cooling air system: winter heating system avoid frigid Canadian temperatures, and summer climate control protects athletes from heat exhaustion and sunstroke.
  • Full-field and part-field options: Our FIFA approved infill turf can be divided into quarter fields (150ft x 100ft), half fields (150ft x 200ft) and full-field (300ft x 200ft). Different rates apply to each. Interested in renting? Click here
  • Male and Female Change Rooms and Washrooms
  • Meeting Rooms: available for conferences and birthday parties rentals.
  • More than just soccer: Our multi-use facility proudly hosts soccer, football, rugby, ultimate frisbee, drone flying, birthday parties and MUCH more!
  • Running Track: Outside the dome you’ll find a groomed running track; perfect for runners and joggers (closed during winter months).
  • Disclaimer: The Markham Sports Dome is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Indoor Sports Turf Facilities

Indoor Sports Dome
  • Sports Dome
  • Indoor Sports Dome
Sports Dome
Indoor Sports Dome
Sports Dome
Indoor Sports Dome
Enjoy Markham's newestindoor multi-sport facility featuring:
70,000 sq.ft.
of state-of-the-art infill turf field space

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