COVID-19 Update

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MSD COVID-19 Update

We at the Markham Sports Dome are always dedicated to providing a safe and clean environment for all of our customers, staff and patrons. In this difficult and unprecedented time, we are have developed a higher standard of cleaning, sanitation and policies to ensure the safety of everyone that walks through our doors. We have purchased top of the line equipment, such as UV greensgroomer “Green Zapr 850” (see video: to sterilize the field, as well as Victory electrostatic sprayers (see video: to clean our facility.

Another point to note, is that we have had air quality analysis done for our facility, to ensure it is in fact a safe facility. It’s main findings are that our dome recycles fresh air, in a typically 1.5-3hr timeframe. Our domes also have minimum 50 times more fresh air than typical classrooms. For full analysis please see attached PDF.

Lastly, please see the revised rules and policies for our facility below.


MSD COVID-19 Rules and Policies

  1. No changeroom use, no soliciting, no “hanging around” after rentals or in lobby whatsoever.
  2. ALL Players, spectators, friends, significant others, etc. Must prove FULL vaccination to enter the facility (With QR code or vaccination receipt, matched with government ID)
  3. Players must not the facility more than 10 mins prior to the start of their rental. The entrance doors will remain LOCKED until the 10-minute window.
  4. Players MUST enter through entrance door (west side of facility) and exit through the exit doors (east side of facility)
  5. Absolutely NO FOOD or disposable items. NO food, no plastic water bottles no garbage. NOTHING left behind.
  6. ABSOLUTELY NO SPITTING in facility. This will result in potential BANISHMENT from the facility and a considerable fine from the York Regional police.
  7. Refrain from hand shaking or any unnecessary contact.
  8. Do not interact with other rentals groups whatsoever. Always, maintain a considerate distance of at least 2m.
  9. Facemasks must be worn inside the office facility (washrooms and lobby) at all times by staff and renters
  10. Facemasks are optional but encouraged during game play, under the York Regional list of indoor exemptions, Exemption Two, section e; “Anyone wearing a face covering that would inhibit their ability to breathe in any such ways, but not limited to, during moderate to intense physical activity (such as running) ..”
  11. There is a maximum of 25 players (coaches/instructors included) permitted per quarter field, meaning MAX people in the dome is 100 players, and 1-2 staff.

Failure to follow such rules will lead to forfeiture of rental time, with no refund and potential banishment from facility.

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Indoor Sports Dome
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Indoor Sports Dome
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