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We know kids. And for 20 plus years we’ve led the pack in teaching them important life skills through soccer. We keep it fun. We keep it age-appropriate. We stay true to our roots, yet keep evolving. We help toddlers to 12-year-olds develop a love for the game and so much more. Step onto the field during any Lil’ Strikers class and you will find it transformed into a world created just for your child. Our well trained coaches will thrill your child with 50 minutes of highly creative, high energy and age-appropriate activities that serve as a great introduction to soccer, and help children master developmental milestones, appropriate for their age.

What Do We Beleive?

We believe childhood is a magical time full of possibilities. We believe in approaching everything from a developmental perspective. We believe in creating space for all children whether they are on the road to all-star soccer or simply just want to play.


We offer four sessions a year that break down into approximately 10-13 week cycles. Each of our classes lasts 50 minutes.

BUNNIES | 18 – 24 Months | Adult Interactive | 15:1 Child-To-Coach Ratio

18 – 24 Months
Adult Interactive
15:1 Child-To-Coach Ratio

Managing a class full of toddlers can be like herding kittens. They’re playful, sometimes skittish and easily distracted. But with the right structure and interactions, a lot can happen. Activities with bubbles, parachutes, cones and other sensory toys build skills for balance, coordination, running, tracking, kicking and changing directions - all building blocks needed for playing soccer. With parents by their side, our youngest Lil’ Strikers feel safe to explore new experiences and create new relationships while learning in a fun and dynamic environment.

THUMPERS | 24 – 36 Months | Adult Interactive | 12:1 Child-To-Coach Ratio

24 – 36 Months
Adult Interactive
12:1 Child-To-Coach Ratio

"Why?” Hang around enough with this age group of curious, older toddlers and you will hear that word a lot. Working with Thumpers and their parents, we welcome their inquisitive nature and sense of wonderment in learning. We use those traits to shape confidence and self-esteem to further build core movements like balance, coordination and timing - all necessary for mastering a soccer ball. While parent involvement continues here, this class bridges the gap between parallel play and directly interacting with the coach and other players. So “why” take a Thumpers class? Because it is a blast.

cottontails | 2½ – 3½ Years | Adult Interactive | 14:2 Child-To-Coach Ratio

2½ – 3½ Years
Adult Interactive
14:2 Child-To-Coach Ratio

Terrible twos? Not in our opinion! Though toddler behavior can be puzzling, these little ones are just trying to put the pieces together to grow into the person they are meant to be. Sometimes they get frustrated and their feelings come out sideways, especially when they are shy and a little tentative. We embrace the complexities of this time of life and help them transition into being more interactive, confident, self-reliant and relational. We do so with fun and engaging games that help them begin to master basic movement and ball control skills. The goal is to get them to be more interactive with the coach, to play with (rather than alongside) their peers and to engage in the game. Parents are there to provide just the right support.

Hopppers | 3 - 4 Years | Beginners | 14:2 Child-To-Coach Ratio

3 - 4 Years
14:2 Child-To-Coach Ratio

Preschoolers have a hard time sharing, but we help get them there. After all, soccer (and life!) is all about give-and-take. The goal of these classes is to create teammates who are coachable and eager to learn. Sharing is a big part of that. Creative storylines and animated coaches keep kids engaged and having fun. They won’t even know they’re working hard and learning. They’ll come away with important skills for soccer and beyond.

JACK RABBITS | 3 - 4 Years | Intermediate | 14:2 Child-To-Coach Ratio

3 - 4 Years
14:2 Child-To-Coach Ratio

Buckle up! These preschoolers are eager for action and ready to learn. With a curriculum chock full of imaginative games and adventures, these players are going to have a blast and won’t even realize just how much they’re learning. Coaches will guide them towards great soccer skills (specifically passing, trapping, shooting, attacking and defending) and introduce them to scrimmaging.

big fEet | 5- 6 Years | Beginners | 12:1 Child-To-Coach Ratio

5 - 6 YEARS
12:1 Child-To-Coach Ratio

Some kids are a little shy and perhaps not very competitive by nature, but still want to learn a sport and have a team experience. We get that. Big Feet classes serve these kids well. Full of all the same fun, goofiness and opportunities to learn soccer and life skills, these classes do it just a little differently. After all, lack of experience or temperament shouldn’t keep us from getting in the game.

Micro Classes | 4 – 12 Years | Beginners | 12:1 Child-To-Coach Ratio

4 - 12 YEARS
12:1 Child-To-Coach Ratio

Does your child always have a ball at their feet? Constantly talk about soccer? Or are they simply driven to get better? Created for kids who are motivated soccer players, Micro classes kick it up a notch. While coaching remains child-centered and fun this curriculum is fundamentals focused and provides game - like situations each week that help solidify learning. Players enjoy 30 minutes of age-appropriate instruction and 20 minutes of small-sided scrimmaging. Classes are offered in age groups.

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For over 20 years, our curriculum has provided kids the skills they need to learn soccer and acheive developmental milestones.